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Jack Crevalle

September 2019 – Fishing Report

It’s September and that means it’s going to be hot, the tides will be super high, there is bait everywhere, and the fishing is going to be great.    This year there is no red tide at all and the weather has not been great. Though this time of year it’s a good idea to keep our eye on the sky looking for our daily storms.  These storms can can bring strong winds, heavy rains, and lightning. So keep a look out and they can often be avoided.

This time of year, the water is full of many different species such as snook, redfish, snapper, trout and tarpon.  Snook, reds or trout are catch and release now as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission closed the season due to last years red tide.  This was a good decision by the FWC and they will do stock assessments and decide whether to open them back up next May. Till then we can fill our coolers with snapper, mackerel, grouper, and many others. 

This month redfish will be schooling up sometimes in massive schools which makes for a very exciting experience.  It doesn’t matter what tide you are on. The fish are actively feeding around moving water. I prefer to fish the deeper cuts and channels either between mangrove islands or grass flats.  The bigger predatory fish will fall into these deeper cuts as the water will be a little bit cooler. A big white bait or pin fish thrown here can be quite productive. If we are fishing the mangroves we it is definitely going to be at a small cut that will funnel the bait and feeder fish in to an area.  While in the areas we may also find jack crevalle, ladyfish, spanish mackerel, permit and sharks and of course catfish.

This is one of my favorite times of the year to fish.  The water is warm and everything is active and hungry.  You want more info or have any questions feel free to give me a call.  

Thanks for reading and tight lines.

Captain Tim

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Black Drum
Red Drum
Grouper, Black
Grouper Gag
Grouper, Goliath
Grouper, Red
Lady Fish
King Mackeral
Snapper, Lane
Snapper, Mangrove

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