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What's a day with 5th Day Like?

Checkout this short video clip of what it is like when you are on the boat with 5th Day Adventures.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and also click on that bell icon to get notified every time a new video is posted.  

There is nothing quite like battling with a Tarpon in the fishing world. In this video I setup a bunch of cameras on the boat and managed to hookup with a nice tarpon and with the cooperation and help from the family managed to record the fight. Unfortunately I didn’t get to hold her on the side of the boat for a good photo-op but it was a clean and quick release after a fun fight.

    There are many different baits to fish with and many different ways to use them. Today I’m going to show you one of my favorite ways to fish with pin fish as bait. In my last video I showed a bunch of great catches while out on charter. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it please check it out here:Awesome Fishing Action in South West Florida While on those trips, I had every kind of bait you could imagine on board but the only way we could get anything to eat was to use the technique I show here. Nothing else seemed to produce any results. It’s by no means the end all be all, but when you can’t get the fish to eat your baits give it a try.

Hey this is a short video of some of the fish we have caught this year. I’m trying to record more and more from our trips so hope to be posting more often. Be sure to check click the subscribe button and the then the bell to alerted when we post something new. Thanks for coming by and be sure to leave a comment introducing yourself and what kind of content you would like me to make next.

     Do you want an exhillerting fight? Pursue a school of jack! The crevalle jack (Caranx hippos) is in the same family as pompanos, jack mackerels, runners, and scads. Jacks are commonly known as jack crevalle or the common jack, but can also be identified as black-tailed trevally and black or yellow cavalli.  Jacks can be found inshore, nearshore, and in open water. They can range from 3lbs to over 20lbs. In Southwest Florida jacks are very prevalent inshore year round, but can be found offshore as well, from March to September… Learn more about Jack Crevalle by clicking here.

Red tide Redfish

Captain Tim goes fishing in Pine Island Sound, South West Florida. This is his home waters and charters here and shows that even though we are experiencing a bad red algae outbreak there is still plenty of life to be found. This was filmed on August 23, 2018


Evy and I... I mean Evy catches a bunch of Trout!

I all too often get asked if I take kids on charter or by new boaters what it’s like to take little kids fishing. I love every moment of it. It just takes a little bit of patience and understanding that the day is all about them. Make it a day they will never forget so that one day they will take their kids on an epic day of their own.

I had the pleasure of taking my 6 year old daughter out for a one on one trip. She didn’t have school so we took full advantage of it. After a short boat ride we setup in our spot in Pine Island Sound and it took no time at all to start pulling in trout. Evy had a blast. After about an hour she was ready to move on and we went to the beach to play then to the marina to get finish off with ice cream.
Hope you enjoy the video.

Jason Battles his First Tarpon

I got to take my buddy Jason out for his first attempt at a Tarpon. He fought this giant for a long time and just as we were about to grab her the leader broke. Congrats on the great fight.  This is a very condensed version of a 40+ minute battle with a giant Silver King.