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All about Redfish (reddrum)

The Complete Guide to Everything a Fisherman Needs to Know about Red Drum aka:Redfish


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Red Drum caught by Capt. Tim


One of the most sought after inshore species, Redfish are hard fighting bullish 


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What kind of Rig:

Reds are usually found inshore, so the average inshore rod and reel will usually do the trick, unless you are on the big ones, but that goes with all fish.  I recommend a seven foot, medium heavy rod in the 10-20lb range, and a 3000-4000 class reel. If you are on the big ones, step up your set up as needed. We use the Diawa BG reels on our charters and find them to be a happy medium between reliability and affordability.

Bait / Lures:

When using live bait we find that pilchards, threadfin herring, finger mullet, and shrimp make great choices. Always make sure your live bait are active and lively. Artificial lures need to be worked with some speed in order to trigger a strike.   Some of my favorite artificial lures are the  Zara super spook jr and Z-man Paddlers.  

Where to find them:


Eat-ability = VERY good! 





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